Our Journey...

All about how our mother's passion in crafts and love for serving our Pacific people sparked the desire to start a family run Pacific Gift Shop. If you are blessed with something useful, it is not meant to be held to yourself, but given out to bless others. This is the DNA of who Manuia Creations is.

Hand-made Products

We honour the craftsmanship gone into every product we sell in-store. Majority of our products are hand-made, printed, and carved by the local businesses in Samoa from their natural resources. The remainder of our products are sourced from local and international small businesses who share the same heart and values as we do.

What we offer

We offer custom made pacific gift boxes, crafts, tapa frames, chief talking props, siapo, select range of clothing, accessories, VIP corporate gifts and much more! Come check us out, our team would love to meet you!